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Market & Consumer Research

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Research Approach

Finding a unique truth in a brand, product or service gives us the ammunition we need to execute powerful work, backed by incisive thinking. Great campaigns create measurable change, and we offer a wide range of methods tailor-make a research program that drives great ideas, and tracks true outcomes for your brand.

Some of our standout research options include:

Types of Advertising Research

Qualitative + quantitative research

We offer end-to-end research solutions from research design, recruitment, execution and reporting; and partner with a number of research specialists that cater to a range of budget and requirements.

Semantic priming

Testing to validate our strategy and reveal the subconscious links between the brand and brand equity drivers, building an insights platform for the comms strategy. These outputs reflect implicit brand links that drive customer decisions independently of conscious brand thoughts.

EEG testing

Using Neuroscience techniques to understand if our organising idea/campaign thinking motivates customers and how and why they react as they do - in order to strengthen brand linkage and identify opportunities to add meaning and value.

The idea of the campaign is to normalise the responsible way of disposing of paint, as if you were recycling paper or plastic.

Advertising Campaign Research Case Studies

Bank First
Dairy Australia
With the abundance of fad diets and new superfoods being proclaimed almost daily, it’s easy to forget how something as ordinary as milk can make such a huge difference in all our diets.
Bank First
In 2017 Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank was facing limited opportunities to expand given the vocational and geographic constraints in its name, increasing competition from traditional banks and new entrants.

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