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Brand Strategy & Development

Using our bespoke strategic process.
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Strategy Approach

Using our bespoke strategic process, we explore human insights to define a brand strategy based on a single, powerful emotive truth. This guides what we do and provides the strong foundation for all of our work.

The 10 Feet Tall Brand Strategy

Consumer research & insights (qualitative & quantitative)

Understanding your audience - who they are, how they behave and what they think – is critical to any strategy. We provide end-to-end research solutions from research design, recruitment, execution and reporting; and deliver meaningful insights what inform strategy.

Competitor analysis & audit

The more you know about your competitors, the better equipped you are to competitively position and defend your brand or business. In addition to traditional SWOT analysis, we define the critical factors for success and use positioning map tools to identify where you need to sit.

Brand strategic planning & workshop

Using our own strategic framework, our experienced strategy team have a proven, collaborative process to deliver insightful brand strategies that get results. Whether it be tackling a brand launch, increasing awareness, or repositioning.

Communication strategy

We believe a communication strategy should not only address the immediate, short-term communication objectives, but offer a roadmap that can be used for 3-5 years. Armed with clear objectives, we look at what we’re saying, to whom, when and where.

Creative strategy

Fusing the best of both worlds – creative and strategy – we provide a clear creative direction for how a campaign will be launched, maintained, and in some cases refreshed or amplified at various stages of the campaign. Creative doesn’t end once a campaign is launched, it must be crafted as the campaign progresses and people move through the funnel.

Lead-gen strategy

There are many lead-gen strategies out there, so it’s vital you implement the right strategy for your business and audience. Setting clear goals and KPIs with our clients, we use data and insights to deliver tactical solutions designed to drive growth. We also believe that success is not just governed by quantity, but by quality as well.

CRM & social CRM strategy

Customer relationships are king in the modern age of marketing. As digital channels continue to evolve, they are more complex than ever. Modern CRM integrates data from marketing, sales, feedback, and support into one place. We integrate CRM thinking into all of our projects, including development, customer experience, marketing, and advertising, and help our clients develop and implement a CRM strategy that effectively drives leads and repeat business.

Campaign strategy & planning

An effective strategy is a well-planned strategy. Nothing should be left to luck. With a media plan in place, we map out every single execution across all channels. This ensures that we have the right message targeting the right audience at the right time, and there is no wastage with our media spend. Every dollar spent and piece of communication is planned and considered.

The idea of the campaign is to normalise the responsible way of disposing of paint, as if you were recycling paper or plastic.

Bespoke Brand Strategy Case Studies

Bank First
Respect Aged Care
Respect, formerly Island Care, needed to create a defendable position in the marketplace and clearly tell people what set them apart from other aged care providers.
Bank First
In a highly competitive marine engine market, Honda needed to leverage its position as the #1 engine manufacturer globally to help position its offer as a market leader.

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