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Brand Design

Don’t give your brand an identity crisis.
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Branding &
Design Approach

Building brands from the ground up: we’ve done it ourselves and we do it for many clients. From the word ‘go’ we can start a brand on the path to growth, taking it from the germ of an idea to a world-famous name, and our creative team have the experience to bring your brand to life.

Branding and Design Services

Concept & idea generation

What is a great campaign without an organizing idea to drive it? Our strategy and creative teams join forces to help develop campaign ideas with a strong foundation in research, and enough flexibility to help drive great creative.

Branding & identity

An identity is so much more than just a logo. We look at all possible elements that make up your brand – imagery, typography, colours, nomenclature, sonics, iconography and spokespeople.

Logos & style guides

We love branding and developing unique identities. From developing brand new identities and complete style guides to refreshing existing ones who just need some love.

Visual design

Our graphics team has animators, finished artists, retouchers, and a creative director with a singular focus on great design for brands. We take great ideas and bring them to life, whether it’s a billboard, a website, or an animated video, we have an eye for great advertising.

Interactive design

The way we interact with products in the digital environment changes constantly. Our digital design team takes real data and translates it into IxD that drives real outcomes for our clients, one click at a time.

UX/UI design

Everything we do must be done with the lens of the customer at its forefront. Our approach to user interface design is multi-faceted, as we develop the look & feel, how it presents and its interactivity. Our UX specialists consider the entire user journey, ensuring their experience with our brand/product is enhanced and consistent across all touchpoints.

Adaptive & responsive design

A responsive or adaptive design approach for your website often depends on a number of factors, including whether the site is new or existing, budget, and most importantly – the audience and how they interact with the site. Whilst responsive is normally the preferred option, our team are happy to discuss the pros and cons of both.

Copy writing, content creation & publishing

In a world where content is king, it’s important to create content with purpose, and not just for content’s sake. From planning to creation and execution of purpose-built content we offer a complete end-to end offering for our clients.

The idea of the campaign is to normalise the responsible way of disposing of paint, as if you were recycling paper or plastic.

Brand Design Case Studies

Bank First
Bank First
In 2017 Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank was facing limited opportunities to expand given the vocational and geographic constraints in its name, increasing competition from traditional banks and new entrants.
Queens Wharf
In 2019, Far East Consortium broke ground on what would be the largest integrated resort development in Australia. The challenged was to develop a brand that would match the monumental nature of the project.

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