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Social Media & Content Marketing

Being social starts with good conversation.
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Social & Content

We’re the most social people we know. So, no surprise, our social and content offering brings a lot to the party, from initial strategy to final report we take care of the whole thing. Social media changes every day.

From Facebook to Tik Tok, our approach to all platforms is to develop social thinking first, then build social-first campaigns from the ground up. Using real insight pulled from conversation, we help brands develop a strategy that works. Our creative team builds social-first creative that drives real action and engagement.

Social Media & Content Services

Content strategy & planning

We manage content planning from insights to execution, building a strong framework for branded content. Taking a set of objectives and moulding a content strategy that combines strong strategic thinking with thumb-stopping creative, our approach is centred on human insight and platform best practice.

Social content

Social media has become a crowded space for brands. Standing out means having a complex understanding of not only the platform, but the communities you target online. Our content team come from some of the best brands in Australia, with a nuanced understanding of social – allowing them to put social thinking before social execution, and then target the communities most likely to take action, across organic and paid social.

Web & email content

Long-form and EDM content is all a part of the content planning mix, and our writers understand how to drive clickthrough and open rates, based on strong content planning and research, focussing on action and outcome.


Copywriting for social still involves coming up with a concept, but the structure often needs to be adapted for specific platforms. The essence of the concept must always shine through and smart copywriting can help keep the message strong in any medium.

Community management

Brands live and die by their community engagement. Strong process grounded in efficiency, and aided by a social management platform allows us to engage our community effectively. Crisis management, reactive content, and FAQ response banks are all a part of the mix that helps our clients win in the community space.

Analytics & reporting

Our reporting focuses on real business outcomes, not vanity metrics. Our focus is creating reporting dashboards that report on metrics that matter, and drive real change. Our analytics team helps you create a custom dashboard that you can share around internally and track your progress month by month.

Social strategic planning & workshop

Getting social right is a foundational exercise that requires a strong planning approach. We design social planning workshops focussed on defining the problem, and collectively brainstorming the approach and solution.

The idea of the campaign is to normalise the responsible way of disposing of paint, as if you were recycling paper or plastic.

Social & Content Case Studies

Bank First
Mt Hotham
For years, Mt Hotham’s reputation had been built on high-performance messaging and northern hemisphere styling and it was time to get back to the core of what makes the Australian alpine experience so unique.
As an icon of the stationery category, BIC needed a creative platform and go-to-market plan to launch their new Intensity marker range across Australia and New Zealand.

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