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Heres how we turn business deficits into giant solutions with powerful end results. We've selected our favourite examples of creative, branding, and design case studies. If you would like to see more, pop in for a visit.

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7 April, 2022

Content is more than just influencers

Stay on track and on-trend with our new article by content creator, Miriam Diiren. For tips and tricks on crafting content that’s memorable, relevant and timely.

5 July, 2021

There’s no ‘I’ in UX.

UX is design with empathy. It’s a “human-centred approach” to every step in the customer journey. Our very own web designer, Cosmin Fedorko has decoded the world of UX in his latest blog for 10 feet tall.

16 April, 2021

‘Feel The Power of Saving Lives’ in new campaign for Ovarian Cancer Australia

To raise awareness of ovarian cancer and donations to Ovarian Cancer Australia (OCA), we created a strong and empowering platform to help Australians improve these odds in tandem with several prominent retailers.

22 March, 2021

Peninsula Grammar School launches new ‘Inspired’ brand platform via 10 Feet Tall

Peninsula Grammar School has launched a new brand platform, ‘Inspired’, via 10 Feet Tall, showcasing multi-talented students and alumni.

7 November, 2019

Paintback encourages all Australians to become admired painters

Australians are being encouraged to dispose of their unwanted paint responsibly, at Paintback drop-off points, in a new integrated campaign that sees everyday painters becoming Australia’s most admired painters.

8 June, 2019

Sheen panel service appoints 10 Feet Tall

Sheen Group has chosen 10 Feet Tall as its lead creative agency. Sheen Group’s panel beating network has 27 locations across Melbourne offering extended hours and accident replacement vehicles.

18 May, 2019

New campaign for Honda Marine “The Best Behind You”

As the number one engine manufacturer globally, no one is better at unlocking the magic behind boating than Honda Marine.

2 March, 2019

e&s appoints 10 Feet Tall as creative agency

For over 50 years, the e&s family business has enhanced people lives and homes with cutting edge kitchen appliances, laundry and bathroom products, sourced from around the world.

18 October, 2018

What makes a good studio manager?

Have you ever noticed that all agencies describe themselves as ‘fun, dynamic and fast-paced’ in job placement ads? While some of these agencies may actually be fun and dynamic, as a Studio Manager you’ll be expected to lead the ‘fast-paced’ bit.

15 October, 2017

Admission to Adland – A Guide For Future Creatives

Whether you’re a uni student, a recent graduate or a creative/award school gun, breaking into the advertising industry is most likely going to be a challenging, eye opening yet extremely rewarding experience.

15 August, 2017

10 ways to become more creative in 10 minutes at 10 Feet Tall

Creativity is the art of being able to transform innovative and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity involves two main processes. Firstly it involves the thought or thinking behind the creative idea, followed by the production of this thought.

14 August, 2016

Why advertising welcomes the nudge

First off, let me explain a bit about behavioural economics. It’s an emerging discipline that combines economic analysis with psychological insights into human behaviour to help explain how and why consumers make the decisions that they do.

25 July, 2014

Advertising is dead. Long live advertising

If you believe what you read, advertising’s only got a few more years, if it’s lucky. What nonsense! Just to make it perfectly clear, we do get justifiably and unashamedly paid for what we do, whether we are creating, planning or providing the space for the work to appear.

12 June, 2014

Learning lunch: A whole new digital world

At 10 feet tall we have regular “Learning Lunches”, which is a half-hour slot dedicated to one person giving a presentation to the rest of the team based on what they think is interesting to share.

3 June, 2014

Hate something. Change something. Make something better

Hello. And welcome to our new website. It was time for change, and we think for the better. If you don’t recognize the headline words, they’re borrowed from the now famous Honda Diesel commercial out of the UK in 2008.

12 May, 2014

10 ways to think differently tomorrow

They may sound cliched, a little silly, maybe even obvious. But have you ever tried any of these?

12 May, 2014

10 Thoughts on the Art of Posters

In the digital age, it might seem old fashioned to be even talking about posters, but given how attention spans now are as short as 5 seconds per view, perhaps reminding ourselves about some of the merits of using posters to communicate is not such a bad idea.

12 May, 2014

Is multicultural marketing really the issue?

There’s been a bit said recently about Australia being about 10 years behind when it comes to multicultural marketing. Most of it is probably, sort of, right. On the other hand, at 10 feet tall, we don’t believe that multicultural marketing isn’t actually the issue here.

12 May, 2014

Why true integration belongs under one roof

I became a bona fide advertising person in the eighties, big hair included. It was a great time to be in advertising apparently. Supposedly, everything was big, big offices, big budgets, big expense accounts, big lunches, big attitudes.

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