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Performance & Analytic Marketing

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Performance &
Analytics Approach

The numbers don’t lie, and we put the performance of our digital campaigns first by developing dashboards that show our clients how their campaigns perform in real time. We have a focus on the numbers that matter – target benchmarks that focus on real outcomes, rather than just vanity metrics - allowing us to optimise digital campaigns and creative.

Performance & Analytic Marketing Services

Brand tracking

Continuously measuring the health of your brand and the impact (or lack thereof) of marketing activity on it is important. Brand tracking enables us to observe shifts in brand perception and awareness, what consumers associate with it, and their loyalty.

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

Our job doesn’t end once a campaign is live, this is just the beginning. After launch, we undergo a rigorous review and optimisation process designed to increase conversion on your website and maximise performance.

Analytics & reporting

Our reporting focuses on real business outcomes, not vanity metrics. Our focus is creating reporting dashboards that report on metrics that matter, and drive real change. Our analytics team helps you create a custom dashboard that you can share around internally and track your progress month by month.

The idea of the campaign is to normalise the responsible way of disposing of paint, as if you were recycling paper or plastic.

Performance & Analytics Case Studies

Paintback, as a world-first and industry-led initiative, is taking Australia's unwanted paint and packaging’s colourful past to a brighter future of responsible disposal and innovative reuse.
Bank First
Bank First
In 2017 Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank was facing limited opportunities to expand given the vocational and geographic constraints in its name, increasing competition from traditional banks and new entrants.

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