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From forgotten neighbourhood to world class destination.

Queens Wharf

The challenge

Brisbane lacked an iconic development that could put the city on the world stage, similar to other Australian landmarks like Federation Square or the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The city needed a project to redefine its global presence and breathe life into a neglected neighbourhood.

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Far East Consortium's Queens Wharf development aimed to fill this void. This monumental project, comprising a casino, shopping complex, riverfront parks, and high-rise structures, was set to be the largest integrated resort development in Australia. To position Brisbane as a major international player, we created a promotional campaign that showcased the city's growth and transformation, and emphasised Queens Wharf's role in turning a forgotten neighbourhood into a special destination. The campaign humanised the brand through the creation of a modern fictional 'queen,' symbolising luxury, quality, and timelessness. This approach provided a unique and relatable identity for the project, resulting in a visually impactful campaign that quickly drove leads and sales through advertising and a purpose-built website. Queens Wharf became not just a property development but a catalyst for Brisbane's global recognition and transformation.

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