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From pity & pedestals to an age of celebration.


The challenge

Scope faced a common challenge – how to move away from the conventional empathy-driven approach to promoting disability services and redefine the narrative surrounding disability. The traditional portrayal of individuals with disabilities as recipients of sympathy hindered Scope's goal to empower and celebrate their clients. We created the 'Be Who You Want to Be', a ground-breaking campaign that featured real Scope clients and support workers. Steering clear of the standard empathy-driven style, this campaign strategically positioned disability as a celebration of empowerment, joy, and community connection.

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Embracing bold visuals and authentic narratives, each frame brought to life Scope's essence – vibrant, empowering, and authentic. The result was a major turning point for the disability category. By embracing joy and empowerment, the 'Be Who You Want to Be' campaign not only showcased Scope's services but also became a feast for the eyes, a celebration of individual spirit, and a testament to the idea that everyone deserves the opportunity to embrace their full potential and be who they want to be. The campaign marks a significant departure from the norm, setting a new standard for disability advertising.


“Crafting this campaign was an exhilarating challenge. We wanted every frame to reflect Scope’s essence – vibrant, empowering, and authentic”.

Stuart Black | Executive Creative Director

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