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From standard to stand out.


The challenge

During a global pandemic, Artline faced a challenge common to many businesses – how to adapt and innovate during difficult times. Traditional approaches to marketing and product promotion no longer resonated with a world obsessed with hygiene and safety, and the brand needed to reinvent itself.

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Artline rose to the occasion by launching an innovative campaign that centred around their revolutionary anti-microbial pen technology. Because we were unable to film or create live action content, we opted to produce animated characters that could convey the message for us. Not only did they introduce a product that addressed the heightened need for hygiene, but they also redefined their brand identity. The campaign shifted the narrative, positioning Artline as a company driven by bold ideas – a place where innovation wasn’t limited to product development, but also extended to encouraging users to unleash their creativity. By bridging the gap between their technological prowess and users’ creative potential, Artline successfully navigated the challenges of the pandemic. This approach not only solidified their status as leaders in innovative pen technology, but also resonated with a new generation of users seeking inspiration and safety in their creative pursuits.

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