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From total unknown to the total package.


The challenge

Haval may be China’s largest manufacturer of SUVs, but penetrating the highly competitive Australian SUV market is a challenge for any brand even during optimum conditions. Haval’s challenge, as a largely unknown brand, was to resonate emotionally with Australian families and communicate its ‘value’ proposition.

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No small task by any stretch of the imagination. The perception of Chinese brands as a whole here in Australia is often viewed with a high degree of scepticism. Getting passed this level of doubt in an open market and convincing Australians to embrace the brand would prove to a challenging task for any agency.

“Haval is timing their growth in our market beautifully with thoughtfully designed, well-made, great value vehicles. They’re definitely a feel-good brand.”

Joseph Meseha | Managing Director & Founder, 10 Feet Tall

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