For years, Mt. Hotham’s reputation had been built on high-performance messaging and northern hemisphere styling. But with low-cost airfares to NZ and Japan now so common, it was time to get back to the core of what makes the Australian alpine experience so unique.


As Australia’s highest Alpine village, and with proud, characterful locals, warm hospitality, and snow and terrain for all, we identified Mt. Hotham’s brand essence as ‘above the bull-dust’, and brought it to life in a fully integrated campaign that positioned Mt. Hotham as ‘The True Spirit of Alpine Australia’. The resulting creative gave the mountain a voice, and brought to life the colourful and refreshing views of the many locals in everything from long format films to brand and retail spots, online content, digital, press and radio.


We were taking a stand for Australia’s mountains and breaking down the perceived limitations of our snow industry to build a far broader and more trans-seasonal approach. And we were prepared to support our claims. A key part of the campaign was a social push which encourages Australians to discover their True Alpine Spirit via a personality profiler which ultimately translated as a personal shopper.


A true TTL campaign, our approach enlisted the support of the many partners on the mountain, and ensured a narrative that would translate into truly viable commercial propositions for every business on the mountain.