Haval may be China’s largest manufacturer of SUVs, but entering the highly competitive Australian SUV market is a challenge for any brand. Haval’s challenge, as a largely unknown brand, was to resonate emotionally with Australian families and communicate its ‘value’ proposition.


As buying a house becomes increasingly out of reach for young Australians, our appetite for luxury SUVs continues to grow. You could be forgiven for thinking that, sooner or later, something has to give. But, the introduction of the new Haval H6 is set to assure the average Australian that they have nothing to worry about. We positioned the vehicle as ‘affordable luxury’ that savvy young families ‘don’t have to sell the house for’. It light-heartedly challenges the notion of buying a traditional luxury brand in today’s world. 


  • 400% increase in website visitors during campaign.
  • 200% increase in enquiries during campaign.
  • Conversion into sales were ahead of sales targets.