Research is showing that eight in 10 Australian adults do not consume the daily recommended milk, cheese and yogurt intake and that confidence in dairy has been declining over time. Under consumption of core foods, like dairy can have negative health consequences. With the abundance of fad diets and new superfoods being proclaimed almost daily, it’s easy to forget how something as ordinary as milk can make such a big difference in our diets. Some of the benefits of dairy simply cannot be replaced by any alternatives. Here we make the ordinary legendairy once again.


Demonstrate the important benefits of dairy by documenting the lives of some ordinary Australians with some extraordinary jobs, in a memorable and humorous way.


A completely integrated, digital, television press and radio campaign.


Good old dairy is actually bloody legendairy.


Brand awareness grew from 11% > 21% within 3 months.

Enjoyment of using dairy in snacks or meals grew from 47% > 54%.

Preference in Australian made dairy products grew from 69% > 75% prior to a drop in the price of dairy.

Trust dairy as a wholesome & health food grew from 60% > 68%.