You know that feeling that you get, when you hear it, that sound that starts with just a few notes, building toward a crescendo of rhythm to create that one, single moment of perfection…

Well, I had the pleasure of experiencing multiple magical moments from a brief foray to Byron Bay recently. I met a ginger genius (that’s the dreads and the beard by the way) by the name of Luke Ferguson, or more affectionately ‘Fergo’ to those who know him, that originates from Orange and has made this seaside sanctuary his home for the past 9 ½ years.

This virtuoso had me craning my neck over the crowd to get even a glimpse – it’s that flawless sound that you feel deep inside, that sound that makes words obsolete, understanding absolute – making your soul sing.

And sing this man sure can do. With a range that makes me liken him to the bliss of Barry White’s rich, velvety baritone, and the lyrical artistry of Stevie Wonder, in a language that we all understand – no words required. And then there is also the falsetto. Luke’s voice is so smooth it feels like butter … accompanied by a funky bass guitar that demands you get your Jagger on. This man epitomises ‘cool’, with little effort.

He oozes authenticity. You know he is showing you his actual self, no holds barred. Brave.

And by now you wonder why I’m telling you about this? Well, we love to support local, exceptional musicians – check him out, or better yet go and see one of his many gigs in Byron Bay.

But here’s the thing; this is an indication of the magic that lives in all good advertising.

In a recent blog posted by our Strategic Director Derek Craig ‘Yeah, but does it have Elvis?’, where he talks of the guaranteed clincher: your work being Exciting, making people Love it, because it’s Visionary, Inspiring and Salient.

A similar construct applies here. For all of that to be relevant in a great piece of advertising/work, we need to understand to whom it is we’re talking. Yes, yes we all know about our target markets, who they are, what age demographic they fall into and how they’re consuming their media. What I’m talking about is the part that precedes that.

Neuroscience has indicated how human beings respond to stimuli (any stimuli), and let’s face it, with the average consumer being bombarded with over 3,000 visual attacks a day, it’s probably an important aspect.

When a stimulus reaches an individual’s brain, it’s first landing is right in the limbic system – the primitive, feeling part of the brain. So in that first .2 of a second, all people respond with FEELING. The thoughts, and the words, come later.

You feelin’ me? Consumers are buying how you make them FEEL, the rational sell comes afterwards. Listen to Luke’s craftsmanship and ingenuity, and as Stevie Wonder so melodically put it, you’ll be ‘signed, sealed and delivered’. Or better yet, your consumers will be. People don’t buy what you do, they’re hooked by how it makes them feel. Whether that be music, apartments, power or beer. Like Luke’s new album, ‘Do whatever makes you happy’ – well that’s exactly what your customers are going to do.

Volvo Trucks did a great job of exactly this in a TV commercial featuring Van Damme.

Just like Luke’s voice, you need to dig down deep inside, right into the primitive guts, where the real stuff is, that’s where you’ll find the magic. So get your groove on, and tell me, “Now how does it feel?”