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3 June, 2014

Hate something. Change something. Make something better

Hello. And welcome to our new website. It was time for change, and we think for the better.

If you don’t recognize the headline words, they’re borrowed from the now famous Honda Diesel commercial out of the UK in 2008. Through change not only did Honda revolutionise the Diesel engine, but they created significant change in advertising style, for the brand, for the category and for advertising as a whole. I use them here because they ring true for what’s happening to commercial communication.

In the space of just a few years it’s changed, more than it has changed in decades. For the better. Advertising is more exciting and challenging now than it’s ever been.

In the short space of time since we’ve been in business, our world’s also changed. We’re bigger, but not too big. We’ll never embrace changing for bigger, just better. We have established a strong base of clients, we have a lot of new work, we’ve grown-up as people and as a business, we’ve crystalised our thinking, and we needed to move with technology. We also needed to show you.

Our new site reflects this. Here you can meet our new people. See our new work. Read about our thinking. Whether you’re scrolling through it on you iPad, mobile or at your desk, it’ll be working a whole lot better. We hope you are enjoying the experience and would love to hear your thoughts. And, if you’re hating your agency experience currently and are itching for some fresh thinking, change something and give us a call. We’ll help make it better.

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