They may sound cliched, a little silly, maybe even obvious. But have you ever tried any of these?

  1. Take a different way to work, or even a different mode of transport.
  2. If you drink coffee first thing in the morning, try having a tea or a glass of water.
  3. Take your head out of your device for a few minutes. Smile or say hello to a stranger on your way in.
  4. If you simply can’t resist the device: SMS, email or Facebook someone that you haven’t spoken to for ages and say hi.
  5. Whatever you tune into on your way to work, tune into something different. Try another radio station, another song selection, or another genre. If you don’t listen to anything, listen to something. Or if you listen to something maybe try not listening to anything at all!
  6. Look out the window. Find something that catches your eye — a hot air balloon, a bird, the rain.